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When dealing with foreign markets – and cultures – many of the “givens” in domestic business simply don’t apply.  Something as simple as cultural bias can generate communication break downs thereby affecting expectations for outcomes, agreement goals, work acumen and even basic methodologies.  This can ultimately hinder the success of your project.  Outside help that understands the depths, caveats and perspectives of your foreign partners (as well as yours) must be brought to bear early on in order to establish common outcome goals, ensure stability in the business relationship and the project, and produce mutually beneficial results.

Legends Consulting brings value by addressing the fundamental needs and challenges of doing international business on a broad perspective, whether you are a US company seeking to expand into Europe or a European company targeting North American markets.  Our combined 35 years of experience has convinced us that, as with international affairs, businesses and multinational corporations require skilled and knowledgeable diplomat-consultants to keep your commercial interests stable, functional and profitable.

We address client needs of different types.  The listing to the left breaks down our client base and how we address their specific needs.  Our service offerings are broken-down under the "Service" tab.  We look forward to hearing about your specific European-American business. 

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiry dealing with your project at: inquiry@legendsconsulting.net

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