The world is a large village

Legends Consulting professes to be an International Business Consultancy but does not boast the impossible: ie. to be able to service the global or world community in its entirety. Therefore we are specialized in Business, Commerce and Trade between the North American Continent, including the US and Canada, and Europe including member states of the European Union. On the pages to the left we describe the regions to which we are offering our services.

Each country and region of the world is culturally defined and has its own operating perspectives. Each country requires experienced consultants, business relationships and contacts for an international endeavor to flourish.

Should your business endeavor originate within our regional areas of competence but also require commercial work in countries which exceed our areas or regions we will bring in the necessary professionals to make your transactions, expansionary efforts, or market entries successful. Should your business project require international business consulting dealing with other regions of the world we will assist you in finding the correct contacts necessary for you to continue your work.