Legends Consulting offers everyone interested in our services a variety of interesting information which we regularly make available to the public free of charge.

These include:

  • The Legends Euro-US Newsletter including recently released information on studies, white papers, events and related subjects which affect international commerce between the US and European Countries.

  • Important links to further information which deal with US-European Multi-Cultural Themes

  • Press/PR includes recent Legends publications and PR events

  • White Papers include a collection of Legends White Paper Publications about important issues affecting international business and trade

  • Country Overviews are a collection of short country descriptions, statistics and issues surrounding various European countries as well as the US and Canada.

  • Acknowledgments include links and information surrounding our partners which help to make our company, marketing and website function. We encourage all visitors to go through these acknowledgments and feel free to visit the links included here. We are proud of our partners and their work and hope to promote their own companies in this way.