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New Trans-Atlantic Trade Consulting Company Launched in the Rocky Mountain Region

Denver, Colorado 8-15-11

Legends positions itself to be the leader in US-European commerce and trade consulting.  In the current recessive market, marred with job losses and stagnating job creation, our region is slowly recognizing the need for participation in expanding global markets.  To reverse this negative trend, Legends Consulting has assembled an association of regional European-American business consultants positioned to educate and equip regional companies with the tools necessary to enter into international commerce.  With the launch of their new website:, Legends is being proactive in efforts to change the situation by positioning the region more favorably in view of world markets.  

The association of multi-lingual European business professionals and country specialists is the Legends’ advantage.  This conglomeration of associated consultants not only brings experience in multi-cultural European business environments – each consultant also brings their own unique business experience to the group, such as Foreign Marketing, Project Management, Sourcing, Supply Chain and Capital Finance, just to name a few. The Legends team is well-equipped to transfer necessary knowledge and mobilize essential networks for penetration into targeted European markets.  Their consultants function as a whole in interactive cooperation with clients to properly position and equip them for success.  Unlike large unwieldy consulting firms, Legends Consulting provides a more focused macro-level understanding of the entire process of entry into foreign markets, with micro-level attention to critical details – for risk can only be assessed via thorough understanding of foreign dynamics.  Their motto is: Knowledge is staying-power.   

Legends Consulting is about taking domestic business into the European arena.  Despite a lot of buzz on emerging markets, the overwhelming majority of all commercial foreign business from the Rocky Mountain Region is still initiated to and from European Markets.  This is still true in light of the latest economic developments in Europe.  Entry into established markets provides new perspectives on established and newly developed products; there’s a lot to learn from our Western European allies.  The established nature of their businesses, governments and banks lends security to capital investments.  In the “Halls of Europe” risks are better understood and more understandably quantifiable than in other parts of the world.

The Legends philosophy is about informed involvement in established markets.  All geo-political markets are mutable and develop over time.  US and European markets are not an exception to this rule – nothing is as certain as change.  Presence and active participation in this evolution is of essence for companies wanting to expand into markets on both sides of the Atlantic.  Products can and will be viewed from different perspectives in different cultures; sometimes an old idea is a new idea.  Other changing factors can cause considerable risks which must also be understood and tracked: political agendas, changes in tax and customs laws, currency fluctuations, etc. Legend’s consultants are monitor and research trends and developments in search of opportunities for potential new markets and growth, as well as risk assessment and management.  

In this world of recessive markets an active expansionary and participatory business community will create new jobs.  This growth can only be sustained in today’s market reality through participation outside of the comfortable and familiar domestic arena.  Success here can be secured by enlightened and well advised companies equipped with knowledge, skills, tools and an open mindset. Legends Consulting now makes these global services readily available, in an understandable format, to clients wishing to take their business to the next level.


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