Legends Consulting, LLC
A World-Class Team of International Business Consultants

Entry into the wider world of intertwined global economies can be a daunting task for companies accustomed to strictly domestic business situations. Yet going international is indispensable for growing and integrating into the greater economic system.  Further, your ability to survive in foreign markets is based on client multi-cultural preparedness. This requires more than just "standard" domestic structures and thought processes; US-Centric or Euro-Centric perceptions and expectations do not apply when entering the markets on the other side of the Atlantic.  Mistakes in the international arena are very expensive. Risks must be more than just assessed; they must be understood and respected by the commercial decision-makers.

Legends was conceived to assist and advise companies, top down, on the corporate development, structures, phases and steps necessary to achieve an international presence.  Our team is composed of country-specific professionals trained and experienced in dealing with the business, legal, economic and cultural specificities for US and European business. We are here to help you assess your specific needs, targets, and goals.  

Our diversified services range continues to grow accordingly with developments in international norms, economies, and geo-political realities. Our unique ability to provide qualified and experienced international development assistance has established our place in this industry.  We measure this impact through increased brand image recognition, corporate margins and market share.  Shareholder value growth is the direct result of our successful business growth strategies. With our guided international advisement, capital investments in growing companies can be better secured.