Dan R. Cheatham II is the president and owner of the Legends Group of companies consisting of Legends Consulting, LLC., a firm focusing on international European business, specifically in U.S.-Central European Commerce, as well as two companies; Legends International, LLC., U.S.A. and Legends GmbH, Germany.

Dan has worked under contract as the Executive Director of the German American Chamber of Commerce in the Rocky Mountain Region facilitating and implementing both internal structural reform as well as international commerce between companies located on two continents. His respectable list of clients which he acquired, maintained and cultivated through his company over the course of 13 years of successful operation in Germany included Daimler-Chrysler/Mercedes-Benz, BMW-Rover, Accenture, Infograms, Hilton Hotels, Concorde Pictures as well as many other corporate and media companies. His company serviced over 500 major clients of all types throughout Europe.

Dan is an experienced executive marketing, product and project manager of distinguished product lines and innovative corporate projects both in domestic European and U.S. settings as well as operations on a worldwide basis.  As the Deputy GM of Marketing at Canon and GM of Marketing at Canon's Direct Sales Channel he executed industrial product line marketing while overseeing the internal synergic reorientation of the Channel marketing operations for all of domestic Germany.

In addition to his managerial experience Dan also speaks, writes, translates and interprets German at a level of native fluency honed to perfection while living and working in Germany for over 20 years.