Izabela Lundberg is a global, charismatic business leader who brings a fresh, holistic approach to driving successful performance breakthroughs in cross-cultural business management/consulting environments.

She’s an executive who is well-rounded in Business Development, Global Business and Operations Management with strong public speaking, training, and consulting proficiency. Izabela is highly motivated and has proven to be most successful when working on extremely difficult, complex challenges that provide significant financial impact to the organization.  Her exceptional people and communication skills enable her to improve inter-departmental teamwork and generate success.  

Further, Izabela traveled to more than 40 countries and has worked with people and organizations from more then 80 countries .

Izabela has dual Croatian-American citizenship and speaks, writes, localize, interpreters, and translates at all levels of native fluency in Croatian (Bosnian & Serbian) and English. She also speaks Swedish and basic German.

She is currently a full-time consultant at Legends Consulting while finishing her MS in Leadership & Organization, with emphasis on Innovation and Change.