Entering and Operating in Global Markets

We provide the important services necessary for successful entry into and operation in tangible US-European markets.

Our services are bi-directional: We provide client services for US and for European companies entering into or operating in markets on both sides of the Atlantic. Applying our 35 years of cumulative knowledge, we bring together the many facets of conducting business between these two continents. We are active proponents of international trade and global markets. We advocate expansion and active participation in these markets as a method of securing future corporate and business value. It is a realization of the future of all larger business.

Our services reflect the needs of our potential and actively internationally participating clients.

In short this includes:

  • Providing the "missing" overview for owners, operators, C-Level management, capital providers and shareholders
  • Bringing all the important steps and factors together for implementation and operation
  • Reducing fear of the unknown by making international trade more transparent to decision-makers
  • Making foreign risks and known, testable, and quantifiable
  • Bringing to bear all tools, contacts and alliances necessary for the success of client projects
  • Facilitating project-related business and trade knowledge
  • Securing foreign market entry and participation.
  • Educating and assisting our clients / enhancing client "staying power"
  • Guiding international projects
  • Reducing and mitigating costs in foreign markets
  • Providing multilingual services / clarifying foreign operational circumstances
  • Securing owner and shareholder value

Our service offering is detailed in the rubrics to the left.  While this list is not exhaustive, it is an overview.  We tailor our service offering to our client’s particular needs utilizing those tools which will produce the most effective result.  To do this, we apply the most applicable tools and methodologies in order to produce our client’s targeted results, in addition to drawing on our large cumulative international experience and US and international contacts.