Strategy is neither long term nor short term, in our opinion. 
The essence of strategy pertains to who you are and what you want to achieve.

Here are some ways in which Legends Consulting can help you develop, manage or refine your business strategy:

  • Effective ROI based on real-world circumstances reflecting needs, avoiding unnecessary costs, and guiding expectations toward satisfying results
  • Anticipating potential foreseeable costs through country-specific knowledge (legal, government, tax, culture and other hidden factors)
  • Advisement in US-European Business Development, project management, strategic planning
  • Constructing European and US Startups: the ins and outs of Euro-businesses of various types
  • European Business Market Analysis: Competitive nature of US products in local markets (competitors, analysis of the local perception of the product offering, etc.)
  • Collaboration in choice of appropriate international business partnerships
  • International approaches to growth and market expansion
  • Awareness and understanding of the differences between European and US perceptions in product quality and the associated risks
  • Legal and regulatory differences and costs concerning Human Resources