Through our executive-level European network, we are qualified to help you with the majority of European countries.


  • Gestures, facial expressions, approach, pauses, emphasis methods  form, decorum, location, dress, timeliness, embarrassing cultural faux-pas


  • Process, legal culture, implicit/explicit nature of subject, money subject, due diligence, personal responsibility vs delegated responsibility, applied international experience

Savoir-faire / business relationships:

  • Establishing a profitable European business relationship is about much more than hard figures, facts and a professional demeanor, the halls of Europe require a differently styled dynamic (golf is not enough). 
  • Wining and dining, schmoozing, male/female dynamics, machismo, chauvinism, old-school vs new-school dynamics, Euro-school vs American-school, cv vs resume, clear recognizable titles (from a PhD to aristocratic lineage),

Here is a list of some of our past interpretation experiences:

  • Multilingual negotiations and live interpretation
  • Enhanced Communication: Inter-cultural and Multi-lingual business facilitation

Our consultants are also members of the following: World Trade Center (WTC), Colorado Translator’s Association (CTA)