International Start-Up Companies and Business Ventures

Whether you are seeking a European partner for your US business, or want to bring your European business into the United States, we provide bi-directional consulting services to take you from A to Z in your project, or simply meet you somewhere in between.  Our specialized country consultants are well equipped to help you navigate the ins and outs of doing business in your chosen country/countries.  We are able to help you to understand your European or American Market, source suppliers, set up legal structures, deal with banks and the government, etc.  We are here to provide
you with our
carnet d’adresses – our network of contacts – that will be indispensable to the success of your project.

Because we feel strongly that understanding the cultural differences between your culture and that of your target market(s) is key to the success of your project, we design company and country specific trainings.  These serve to provide an overview
of what is truly necessary to navigate into successful international business.

Our job is to go beyond helping you avoid the pitfalls that might make your project overly costly, we want to make your international vision successful and watch it
thrive for years to come.